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My product has quality defects. What can I do?

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Our products are warrantied for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase; the warranty covers manufacturing defects, not problems raised by improper use or maintenance, nor by fall or crash.

During the warranty period and upon proof of receipt of purchase, the product may be replaced or reconditioned within a reasonable period of time. To obtain any warranty service, you must contact the store from where the product was originally purchased.

You should directly contact our customer service only if you bought your product through the official Selle Royal website. To make a claim, you must submit a request to our Quality Claim Service by filling out our dedicated claims form completely with all the required info.

If you choose this option, a Quality Claim Ticket will be opened in relation to your issue. A notification email will confirm your accepted submission. Our technical department will then evaluate your claim, and you will receive prompt feedback, complete with instructions for returning your product.

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